An At-Home Studio is the Perfect Quarantine DIY for Creatives

One of the side effects of being stuck at home for months on end is that you start to notice exactly what your home is missing. Many people have started eyeing unused space in their homes and thinking, “Couldn’t this be something?” If you’re itching for a quarantine DIY to make the most of an under-utilized room, consider setting up a multi-purpose room with a performance studio. It’s a quarantine DIY that keeps giving - once you have it set up, you can create the podcast, album, or video series you’ve always dreamed of. Here are some tips to get you started:

Begin With The Budget

Don’t risk overspending and making your project a money pit.

  • A well-designed multipurpose room can add to your home’s overall value, but you have to avoid going over budget to keep the investment profitable.
  • Carefully evaluate your monthly spending and expenses to determine exactly what you can afford before diving in.
  • If you don’t have the funds to start right away, you can look into refinancing. Check out this guide from Penny Mac to learn more about the process.

Make A Game Plan

Start with a clear idea of how you’d like the room to look before you start setting things up.

  • Working with a firm like MAC design + build ensures your project matches up with your needs and space.
  • If you intend to record audio, you can soundproof the room to ensure you get the best sound quality.
  • Test the electrical outlets in the room to ensure they can safely handle your recording equipment.
  • Consider what other purposes the room can serve - could it also be a den? An office? A game room? Keep these functions in mind while you plan.
  • Draw your design out or render it in an interior design program to visualize your plans.